Meet the Horses

Elliewood's Duchess Fergie

Fergie is a wonderful large pony that can teach the beginners how to post, steer, and show, or take an advanced student into the children's or pony hunters. Fergie also excels in the pleasure divisions, and has numerous Grand and Reserve Grand champions to her name in the area.


Applejack is our tolerant and patient medium pony. He trots slowly around the ring with new students, both at home and in the show ring. At shows, he consistently takes new riders to champion or reserve, both in the pleasure and hunters. He can tote around a pre-short student, and step into the children's or pony hunters on the same day.

Lost a Sock

Dude was rescued from auction by Stevie in December of 2019. Since then Dude has turned into a wonderful kindhearted horse that teaches students to walk, trot, canter and jump. At shows, he happily goes around with new students showing them the ropes.


Arguably, the best horse ever. Anyone who has gotten a chance to ride Savannah adores her. She is the most forgiving and quiet horse to learn on. She has taught many students from never riding before to showing, and winning. Savannah is the perfect confidence booster - from learning to ride, to showing in the pleasure, hunters, and equitation, Savannah can do it all.


Tucker joined the team late summer of 2021. Since then he has been brought back into shape, teaching pre short students to coursing around 2'6". Tucker is going to make a lovely pleasure and hunter show horse for the season of 2022

The Pipsqueaks

On the right: OG Pipsqueak. On the left: new Pipsqueak, renamed LP. Both stand at an adorable 11.3 hands, making them perfect sizes for small children.

Pipsqueak is the perfect pony for small kids to learn to groom and ride on. She is quiet, lazy, and patient. Will let the kids groom and feed her treats all day.

LP is a younger, fitter, pipsqueak. She can jump small courses and will excel with a younger kid in the hunters and pleasure divisions. LP will be seen in the small pony hunters!

Red Hot Ten

Ten is Stevie's newest project - as an off the track thoroughbred, Ten is molding herself into a phenomenal show horse. Having entered the show ring late 2021, she is already settling into the show horse life. Look for Ten at the Thoroughbred hunters in 2022!


Not actually Sassy. Sassy came to the program in early 2021. She is wonderful on the ground and tries her hardest under saddle. Sassy likely had a tough life before coming to us, and she has adventured to southwest Virginia to take a break and mentally relax. Look for a surprise from sassy in early 2023!