Meet Stevie

An avid equestrian from the start, Stevie fell in love with the sport at a young age. Growing up, she never really knew what she wanted her "adult job" to be. In high school, Stevie started volunteering at a local therapy riding center, where she spent many years training the staff in horsemanship and riding. Since then, she has always loved sharing knowledge of horses and riding.

Stevie taught at a popular riding program exclusively for children in Great Falls; Blacks Hill Stables. It was there she really enjoyed teaching and discovered how rewarding it was to watch her students grow and develop into competent riders. She got to watch numerous riders go from brand new beginners, to horse showing and winning their first blue ribbon.

Stevie has had many wonderful opportunities to work with well known trainers and frequently has several projects of her own to work with. In addition to training several horses and ponies, Stevie was very fortunate to ride with the late John Fitzgearld towards the end of her college years. Stevie credits John with the majority of her advanced knowledge, both with riding ability and instructing. She loved his patient style, and ability to easily and efficiently explain techniques. She emanates that in her teaching style.

Stevie has always advocated for continuing education. She regularly takes lessons with Sue Buscher of Timely Manor, to improve her skills and develop her newest project, Red Hot Ten. Stevie believes everyone, no matter their skill, benefits from regular lessons.

Stevie wants students to desire knowledge - both of riding and horsemanship. She believes a rider devoted to learning not only improves faster, but becomes a better horseman because of it.